On Thirty Second World:

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Barbara Trapido: I romped through [this] book with great pleasure… page-turning, witty and well turned [dialogue], wonderfully visual, real.

Adele Hamilton in Women24 (22 April 2013:): a funny, highly readable novel that demystifies the glamour of the film industry.

Stephanie Saville in The Witness: …entertaining and hilarious… the pages fly by as its twists and turns hook the reader and keep you guessing what fate will be dealt to each of the woman next.

On Past Imperfect:


André Brink: This is a book of sheer delight… it contains what must be the funniest and most exuberant sex scene I have read, and reread, in years.

Mavis Cheek: a touching, funny and original heroine… and an honest book, [written] with vitality and good natured beady-eyedness…

Ashraf Jamal: Like watching porn with Jane Austen.

Karina Magdalena Szczurek (Sunday Independent): dazzling… one of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time… brimming with wonderfully unforgettable characters… leaves you helpless with laughter… one of Van der Vliet’s greatest talents is to manoeuvre between lighter and darker moments without ever descending into kitsch… Past Imperfect might be offering content for light entertainment, but it is stylistically a tour de force.

Jeanne Hugo (Die Burger): Menslike lekker-lees verhaal met raak karakterbeelding.

Jacqui L’Ange (Cape Times): Picture Bridget Jones starring in Withnail and I. Move the action between Cape Town and Paris, throw in a bit of post-apartheid torpor, at least one unforgettable seduction and a whole lot of scatological humour; and voilà, you have Past Imperfect, the hilariously entertaining debut offering… Conjured with great skill

Dee Andrews in (The Citizen): An excruciatingly funny and tender tale.

Samantha Page (Oprah magazine): [a] brilliant novel

Rebekah Kendal ( a delightfully refreshing coming-of-age novel, which will have you giggling, gasping and groaning with despair. Almost impossible to put down… it’s thoroughly enjoyable… the best of guilty pleasures.

Arja Salafranca (The Star) …a delightful romp… a wonderful, light, enjoyable read…

Jeanne Hugo (Die Burger): ‘n komiese maar ook aangrypende verhaal

Jane Rosenthal (Mail and Guardian): [a gem] of wit and style

Masechaba Moshoeshoe, (Khaya FM): a fabulous read